Injection of the beauty of the perianal zone

Aesthetics even in the most intimate areas became achievable for everyone! The aesthetic doctors of the MC "EvoClinic" improve the appearance of intimate zones, and also change the contour, shape, density of the perineal zone and sphincter. All these effects are achieved with non-surgical techniques, and injections of fillers. Fillers are preparations of hyaluronic acid of a certain density.

Indications for contour plastic of the anal region:


damage to the muscles of the inner and outer sphincter

weakening of the muscles of the inner and outer sphincter


psycho-emotional discomfort during intercourse

desire to improve sensations during anal sex

Contraindications for the operation:

Oncological diseases

Frequent dermatitis of unknown origin


Lactation period

Chronic diseases in the acute stage

Diseases of the rectum and sphincter


Before this procedure, you must come to the consultation and examination to a specialist in the field of aesthetic proctology

The essence of the operation to remove anal fringe

In the «Evoklinik» medical center, a specialist in aesthetic proctology carries out contouring of the muscles of the sphincter and peri-anal area in accordance with your needs, taking into account your anatomical features and wishes. All preparations for contour plastics are certified on the territory of Ukraine and have proven themselves qualitatively and reliably in the World market. The anal fringe is removed from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the amount of intervention. 30 minutes after the removal you have the opportunity to leave the clinic.

Does it hurt during injections of fillers into the anal sphincter and the anal area?

Injection of fillers (contour plastic) of the anal zone and sphincter muscles is carried out under local anesthesia with special creams under local anesthesia with special preparations certified on the territory of Ukraine and proved to be qualitatively and reliably for many years all over the world. At the request of the patient, this procedure is carried out under and / in anesthesia, during which you sleep.


Within 10 days, you must protect this area from mechanical damage. 5 days you take the doctor’s prescription medications / cream, the scheme of reception which the doctor will write to you. More detailed recommendations the doctor will sign in the conclusion of the operation and give you in his arms.

Be healthy and beautiful, the team of the EvoClinic medical center!


Contour plastic of the perianal zone with the drug Juvederm Voluma 8000, 00 UAH
Contour plastic of the perianal zone with Juvederm U 3/4 7000, 00 UAH


The value of conducting an operation in our clinic:

Providing a personal assistant for the entire rehabilitation period in

24/7 mode

We openly and honestly voice all the nuances of the operation and the period


Harmoniousness is our main goal, both in appearance and in

inner world

The team of our clinic works amicably and with love to their work

Our doctors — jewelers in their work